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What do you need to get the start?

To get started just go to our website price and package page and select the category where do you want to post your ad. Our pricing is category based. then Garb your preferable category and sign up and pay online. Once paid, Just send your ad content via email. or Dropbox or drive.

How many days in a week did you post ads?
We work for our Clint officially Monday to Friday. But, If any customer wants to post 7 days a week that is no problem in that case custom offer available for them.

What’s your policy regarding flagged ads?
A flagged post is a post that has been taken down by Craigslist after a period of time. Sometimes this happens because competitors report posts as spam. Our expertise will lower the percentage of ads that get flagged. We guarantee that at least 80% of your ads will go live; in case the number of flagged ads is higher than 20% we will replace them.

Is there any long-term commitment?
Our clients are not tied to long-term contracts. Once a campaign is over there will not be recurring charges unless our client decides to extend his campaign.

Are there discounts available?
Discount offers available on the very special date of the year. To get a discount Coupon Contact us for coupon right now.

Do I need to provide my Craigslist account to post?
No. You don’t need to provide us with PVA or IP Tools for your ads campaign. But if you want to share your CL account with us and we can use those your Request.

What is “Craigslist posting”?
To post ads Craigslist is not easy Jobs. We create ads and get ads live for you which helps your time and money.

How do I know my ads up?
Your posting appears on craigslist. We will add them daily spreadsheet and You can check them anytime anywhere.

When do you charge me?
After signup our website we charge you after 2 days full amount price each month recurring.

What about Remaining Posting?
In that case, we post for next month if you have the remaining URL this month. Example: You order monthly 300 ads but we posted 280 ads for you and the remaining 20 URL we post for you next month.

When does billing month begin?
From posting starting date next 30 days. Example: You order February 2, 2016, and your next billing cycle on March 2, 2016.

Do you charge me to pause time?
No, we don’t charge any pause / Break time.

Do you charge for Flagged ads?
We don’t charge for Flagged ads but if your competitor flagged them Down that is not our control.

how long will it take to start an ads campaign?
Once you signup our website and Submit Requirement information we can start posting within 1-2 days.

Do you provide daily reports?
Yes, once you sign up you’ll be able to access a control panel where you’ll see a report of all your ads.

How many ads will I get every day?
It depends on the package you select. Currently, we have 4 different packages, each one includes a different number of posts. Keep in mind that every day we will try to post the exact number of posts that are included in your package; however, if for whatever reason we fall short we will replace the missing posts the following day.

When is my payment due?
Payments are due before starting your campaign.

What is flagged?
Flagged mean ads removed. It can be 2 Issues. One is the problem of your Posting tools and the 2nd one is for craigslist user or Competitor.

What do I need to get started?
To get start Title, description, image, and keyword.

How many ad variations do I need?
We need 10 titles and 10 descriptions and images to get the start.

What payment you guys accept?
At this time we can accept all major Credit and Debit cards, Bitcoin or Paypal. If you would like to pay with Bitcoin or Paypal then contact our support and that case you have to pay full month payment once.

How long after you charge me?
After the signup, we charge you within 24 hrs to 48hrs and your posting will start.

Can I pause my ads Campaign at any time?
Yes, you can push your ads campaign and you can activate them any time. You need to notice us more than 72 hours ago before campaign active or Push.

How can I cancel my account?
To cancel your ads campaign you should have to notice us next billing cycle 48 hours ago.

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