Craigslist Posting Service 2019 Update

if you want to post ads on craigslist successfully you should know the rules and regulation before posting your ads and you have to follow these rules otherways your ads going to be flagged by craigslist if you can’t do that please hire a  craigslist posting service company for your service because craigslist update and make some changes on there posting system and website to protect scammer here is the new update Below …

  Classified Craigslist Posting Service 2019

  • how to post?
  • are all ads free?
  • how to reply
  • what is 2-way email relay?
  • how to edit or delete
  • how to re-post
  • how to add images
  • resend post/edit/delete email
  • user accounts
  • phone verification
  • where is my posting?
  • where is my self-publishing email?
  • why was my posting deleted?
  • what are “flags” and “flagging”
  • what HTML is supported?
  • what are favorites?
  • where can I advertise my services?
  • email rejected – non-generic DNS
  • email rejected – rDNS failure
  • frequently asked questions

  Paid Postings 

  • vehicles by dealer fees
  • vehicle by owner fees
  • posting fees
  • how to submit a paid post
  • lifespan of posts
  • how to edit or delete a paid post
  • how to repost a paid post
  • pay an invoice online
  • paid posts: frequently asked questions

  Avoiding Scams and Fraud

  • spotting and avoiding scams
  • what is “phishing”?
  • who is posting ads in my account?
  • why is CL emailing me to log in?
  • can I trust this great but odd deal?


  • system status
  • searching craigslist
  • “help desk” forum
  • contact us

LEGAL, Copyright, Harassment 

  • law enforcement (subpoenas, etc)
  • copyright violation
  • personal harassment
  • terms of use

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